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December 9, 2013 at 2:26 PMKatie McGarry
Hi everyone!
A few weeks ago I sent out my first ever newsletter! In it, I included a deleted Dare You To scene. In celebration of Dare You To placing third in the Goodreads Choice Awards, I'm releasing it to everyone!

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I'm so, so excited about all of this!  Without further ado, here is the Dare You To deleted scene:

This scene took place the week that Ryan’s parents were out of town and the afternoon before Chris took Ryan to Walmart. While I love this scene, I cut it because it didn’t help progress my plot forward.
Because Logan’s a crazy son of a bitch, he undoes his seatbelt the moment we hit Scott Risk’s drive and stands up in the backseat. He wraps his arms around the frame and let’s his head hang out of the top of the open panels.
“He’s like a dog,” mutters Chris from the passenger side.
Chris jolts forward when Logan kicks his seat.
“My bad,” says Logan.
Chris and I share a look then chuckle. Logan’s Logan. We’re lucky he’s got two feet on the floor board. When I pull up to the house, Scott walks off the front porch and waves to show us where to park. Once I pull up to the edge of the yard, Scott moves to the side and shows the caravan of the guy’s from the baseball team trailing behind me their designated parking spots.
It’s pro baseball playoffs and Scott’s invited us over to watch a game. While there’s a part of me that’s excited at the thought of hanging with the guys and watching the game in Scott’s surround sound basement, what I’m itching for is to see Beth.
My parents are away for the week and she’s been sneaking out every night to stay with me. While it’s only been hours since I held her tight to me, it’s been too long.
Most of the guy’s on the team flock to Scott and I use the excuse to fly up the stairs and slip through the front door. The door to Beth’s room is open and a quick check confirms that she’s not inside.
“I’ve been told you’re off limits today.” In a black shirt that hugs her just right and a pair of jeans ripped more than her normal pairs, Beth leans her shoulder against the corner of the wall leading to the kitchen.
I smile. Just being near her sends me into a high. “Do I get a say in this?”
“Scott’s playing hardball. If I stay away from baseball boy bonding time, then for dinner tonight I get a steak that’s barely mooing, French fries out of the fryer, and chocolate cake.”
Her eyes darken with each step I take closer to her. “Hell, Beth, if I had known you could be bought, I would have showed up at your front door with a hamburger weeks ago.”
My hand rests on her waist and Beth melts into me. She’s warm and she’s soft and memories of last night flash in my mind. Her fingers under my shirt. My hands wandering along her back then the lowering of her bra straps.
Beth bites her bottom lip and when she looks at me, I know she’s remembering the same thing. “I’m a simple girl, Ryan. It doesn’t take much to please me.”
I laugh at simple and she laughs along with me. Caressing the few stray hairs away from her face, I lean down and whisper against her lips. “It’s okay, Beth. I love you just the way you are.”
“And absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Scott pats my shoulder and glances between me and Beth. “Space. Three feet. Maybe five.”
Beth’s cheeks turn red and I reluctantly step back.
Scott jacks his thumb over his shoulder while staring at Beth. “Lacy’s waiting for you out front.”
Beth touches my shoulder as she passes. “Later, Ryan.”
She moves down the hallway to the front door with that easy sway. Before she walks out, Beth glances over her shoulder and her smile practically brings me to my knees.
          There’s seven hours until she’ll show up at my doorstep tonight and I’m definitely counting down the seconds.

Thanks everyone! I hope you enjoy the deleted scene!

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