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November 9, 2013 at 7:48 PMKatie McGarry

Hi everyone!

November 26th is the release of Crash Into You! Check out the below for the celebratory giveaway!

Order your copy of Crash Into You today!

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Over the next few weeks, there will be profiles of characters from Crash Into You. Keep your eye out for them! Thank you to the following wonderful authors for helping me spread the word about Crash Into You! Check out their books. I highly recommend them:


Lori Foster - Introducing Isaiah Walker!

Jennifer Arementrout - Meet Rachel Young!

Simone Elkeles - Here's Noah Hutchins!

Gena Showalter - With a return appearance Echo Emerson!

Julie Kagawa - Visiting us again is Beth Risk!

Alyssa Day - Hello Ryan Stone!

Kristen Simmons - The girl we have all grown to love Abby!

Huntley Fitzpatrick - A few facts about Logan!

Aimee Carter - Meet West Young!


Also to celebrate, I'm giving away a signed hardback collection of my works: Pushing the Limits, Dare You To, and Crash Into You. This contest is open internationally.


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Great scene!  I can't wait to read Crash into You late this month!

Thank you so much for the bookmarks!!!

United States Sarah/appifanie says:

I just want more Isaiah. Isaiah, book 2, hotter than hot. Laughing  (or Ethan! (also, Ethan would probably get me more Isaiah...))

LoL Sarah I'd like Ethan to get a story too and yah if Ethan got a story that would mean more a little more Rachel/Isaiah.  

I loved him right from the start and I cannot wait for Crash Into You to come out! I've probably gotten on your nerves since I post about it all over your sites! I'm excited!

Abby since I absolutely loved her character in Crash Into You. Smile

Which Pushing the Limits character would I like to see have their own novel?

Well... it would be amazing to know a bit more of Aires story, I mean, we know how that ended, but anyway, he seemed like such a sweet and cool guy.

Canada Wayne Lecoy says:

I am entering your giveaway.
I would love to win Signed Hardcover Copies of
Pushing the Limits, Dare You To, and Crash Into You.
In response to your question of
Which Pushing the Limits series character would you like to see have their own novel?
I think Noah Hutchins should have his own novel.
Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!!!!

United States Terry Mock says:

Would love to win a book to read! Thanks in advance.

Maybe Noah and Echo's book2?

I cant wait to read this book!! Love the series specially Dare To You Smile

Uruguay Marcela Pereira says:

Isaiah! Just 'cause I love him. Simple as that haha!

Israel Reem Hardan says:

Chris and Lacy, I want to read about Ethan about Abby in all honesty after Crash Into you I want to read about them all Smile But first Chris and Lacy I wanted to know more about their story since Dare you To.

United States maria everton says:

Thank you for having this giveaway

Logan because he's cool

I cant wait to read this book! I want to read about Ethan Smile)

Can I say West, even though we already know he is getting one? I cant wait to discover his secrets! Or maybe more Noah and Echo... or Ethan! Love Ethan!


Like someone else said, Aries would be interesting. I'd love to know more about him even though we know how his story ends.

I have been wanting to read one of your books for months.

I think I'd have to go with a novel about Isaiah, but truthfully I'll read about any of the characters you want to write about!

Cannot wait to read this book! Really looking forward to Nov 26th!  

El Salvador Lis Carcamo says:

Abby! I adored her in the book!

United States Tabitha Williams says:

It's been said several times already, but Abby deserves her own book.  I feel like there is a great story behind her and she definitely deserves a happy ending.  

I'd also like to see Ethan get his own tale.  Smile

United States Kimberly B says:

Abby or Isaiah
Thank you for having this giveaway!  Smile

United States Adelita Madrigal says:

Love love love!!!!!! Anticipating the the release day of Crash Into You!!!!!! ;D SO EXCITED!!! <3 Ethan <3 Appreciate this chance at the giveaway!!.

United States Hollie Boyd says:

Eeeep! I'm soooo excited! Like, I just fangirled all over my living room...

United States Hollie Boyd says:

I'd love to see a before part with Aries in it! *shame from forgetting to put it in with my first comment*

United Kingdom Nelly Ahmed says:

Isaiah or Ethan! and thanks for the giveaway!


I Look forward to reading Crash Into You!


United States Stacy Sties says:

I love your books, thank  you

Logan! <3

Brazil Clara Sampaio says:

Well, I think a book about Meg, Lincoln's sister, explaining more of her past would be awesome!

Isaiah was the character i was holding out for but it would be good to see Logan or Antonio.


Espero con ansias este libro! Amé los otros de la serie y no puedo esperar para tener mi dosis de Isaiah =D

From the beginning, I've always wanted Isaiah to have his own novel. I can't wait until Crash Into You releases.

Thank you so much for this amazing giveaway! ^.^

Portugal Vera Machado says:

I would love to know more about Noah & Echo.

Thanks for the giveaway!!!  Laughing

I already know West is getting his own story so I can't vote for him.  Logan would be fun, or Ethan.

United States Tradermare says:

All the characters are interesting, so more on any one of them would be awesome!  Can't really choose!  

I'd actually like to know more about Aires! I mean, we know he died, but who was he?
I'd love that!

UGH! its so hard to say who should get their own novel, I feel we just barely begun the character meet and greet.

Saudi Arabia Dhaifullah says:

Abby!! Thank you for the giveaway ,amazing books

Oh, I don't know! You're writing so many of my favorites already. Maybe more about Lila though.

Denmark Laura Arberg Nieboer says:

Abby or Isaiah LaughingD
Thanks for this giveaway Laughing

Puerto Rico Marianne Robles says:

If I had to choose, I'd either say I'd love a book from Lacy & Chris's point of view, or just a second book about Noah & Echo! I can't get enough of those two Laughing

Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

Thank you Katie !!! ;)

Any of them!


Logan for sure!!

United States Bette Platt says:

haven't read yet, on the TBR list.  Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway!!!

I would love more about Lila and Lincoln. I loved their novella.

Thanks for the giveaway! Looking forward to Isaiah's happily ever after; he broke my heart in Dare You To.

United States Evette Ashby says:

More Noah and Echo! Logan or Abby too

United States artichoke8 says:

ABBY!!! I 'm a blogger/reviewer so I am lucky enough to have finished Crash Into You and I WANT ABBY!!! She needs her own book - some good story is there I am sure of it!

Thanks for the amazing series and giveaway!

Islamic Republic of Pakistan Sana @ artsymusings says:

It'd be amazing to have a book from Noah's POV. Siiigh.

Aires! I would love to know his story!

Thank you for the giveaway!

I want to read about Abby and Ethan! Smile

Hmmm, I'd love to read about Aires, or more Noah and Echo! I love them. Plus, I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to read about Isaiah and Rachel Smile

I couldn't say since I have yet to read your books. but I cant wait till I do!

I would actually love to see how Noah, Beth, and Isaiah met before they all found their true loves. Can you do a story on that???

United States Kat Andrade says:

Lacey and Chris!!!!

United States Whitney S. says:


United States Daisel Tamayo says:

I will live to see Abbi and Ethan have their own book!

Logan, Lila and Lincoln!

I'm so so so excited for CIY! Dare You To wasn't released in Brazil (yet!) and I wanna know more about Beth soon, but I have to say that I'm really into Isaiah. Rachel seems to be really interesting too and I'm sure she will be a powerful and amazing character, just like Echo. And, God, how I miss her and Noah! I'd love to see how they are now.
And answering your question, how about Aires? Besides Echo's brother, I'm sure he had a history that we'd love to read.
Thanks for this giveaway! And let's spread the word. Those books deserve to be read :')

if i were to die and be walking into heaven......  this giveaway would be my welcome package.  seriously?!  this is awesome!!  Hands down, Abby needs her own book!  I loved that girl and I know she has a story to tell!  Congrats on the release!!!

Philippines Celine Moredo says:

AIRES! It would be cool to know more about him! Laughing

Loved Lila and Lincoln!

I would love Lila and Lincoln to have a full lenght novel!! I'm wondering wha't going on with them

Philippines Dorothy Tseng says:

i really really enjoyed these books!!!! i specially likes Pushing the Limits! can't wait to read crash into you Smile

Though that's really far in the future, I'd love to read more about Noah's siblings once they've grown up a bit Smile

Either West or Logan. Oh, and definitely Abby.  *pretty please*

I'd love a book for Logan or Abby!!!!

United States Stephanie Watson says:


I'd love to see a book made about one of Ryan's friends or maybe Gwen - I know I hated her but maybe she acted the way she did because she has some sort of a secret.. either way I want to see more Noah & Echo, more Ryan & Beth and I know I'm going to love this book so more Rachel & Isaiah

Well for now I've just read Pushing The Limits so I can't really say since I don't know the other characters well...

I can't wait to read the other books though! Thanks for that Laughing

Probably more of Echo and Noah!

United States Kaitlyn Weaver says:

I haven't read this series but I want to SO BAD!

I'd love for Ethan to have his own book! *O*

I would love to read Abby's story!

Certainly wouldn't mind some more Noah and Echo! But Lila and Lincoln were adorable and definitely need a full length book.

I would love Lila and Lincoln to have a full lenght novel!! I'm wondering wha't going on with them

I would love Lila and Lincoln to have a full lenght novel!! I'm wondering wha't going on with them

United States Giaochau N. says:

I want a book on Ethan!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

I'd love to have more of Noah and Isaiah, and they're respective ladies Smile

Aires, the Echo's brother. He's certaily an interesting past.

Philippines Dianne C. Galan says:

Abby's story please! Smile

Philippines Lyzette Siazar says:

I want Abby to have her own novel! Smile

United States i*Heart*BigBooks says:

Abby absolutely needs her own story!

Philippines Nikki Larazo says:

I want to win this soooo bad!!!!! Laughing

Oh wow... I really cannot decide! I would definitely love to see more of Noah and Echo, or you can write a book where THEIR DAUGHTER/SON grows up to be their age! That would be so amazing!! Katie, I hope you read this comment! <3

United States Jerica Enriquez says:

Ahhh I so can't wait for Crash into you to be out!!! I need my Isaiah fix Smile!! As for the question it has been many times but once won't be to bad, but I want to hear more about Aries.

Philippines Maria Theresa Santos says:

I want more of the echo's brother

Indonesia Amanda Sheila says:

"Which Pushing the Limits series character would you like to see have their own novel?"

I kinda want to read the prequel, you know, Aries' love story? Though we all know it'll never be a HEA ending, but don't you think it's gonna be soooo sweet? Smile))

Good luck to all of us!

Philippines Madeleine Crespo says:

2 books for Isaiah please! Smile

Isaiah!! simply i love him!!!

Slovenia Alexandra A says:

I wouldn`t mind another book for Echo and Noah Smile

Hi Katie! Thanks for this amazing giveaway, and like I told you already - I'd love to read Abby's story! Smile

United States Candelaria Francisco says:

I would love to read more about Logan but I would also like to read about Lila and Lincoln because I have no way of reading their ebook at the moment and I would love to have their story in book form. Even if you don't write about them I would still read your books because I love the way you write.
Thank you for this giveaway.

I would love to see more of Echo and Noah. Their love story is addictive.

I"m so excited for this giveaway,Thank you.  I don't know who I would want for one reason  1.) I haven't gotten properly time to read the first I have it, but I 've heard alot of good thing about these book to fingers cross for these book contest!

United States Morgan Faufaw says:

Abby and thank you for the giveaway!!!

I'd love to know more about Ethan!

I'd love to know more about Ethan!

Costa Rica Ileana Agüero says:

Would love to read more about Logan!!

Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!

I want to read about Logan or Abby! Laughing

I agree with some of the others, would really love a book for Abby!

I think my all-time favorite character is Abby, so I would love for her to have her own book. She's got spunk, and I love that. Thank you for the giveaway! Smile



United States Jenn (Scrapingirl16) says:

Abby needs her own book. I know there's more to her. Smile

Abby! I loved her!

I would love a noah and echo book 2 i just love those 2 so much !

i would love noah and echo book 2 they are my favourite characters !

Can't wait for Isaiah's story but would also love to read more on Lila and Lincoln...I really enjoyed their novella!  Smile

Logan or another book for Ryan Smile

Lila & Lincoln......but I can't wait for Crash into You XD

Oh Katie!I love your books!thanks for the giveaway, amazing chance!

Definetly Abby's story would be nice

I would like read more about Noah and Echo! Smile
Thanks for the giveaway!

United States Ayelet Arbely says:

I believe that a really wonderful novel would be the one that follows the lives of Noah's brothers and their new step parents now that Noah and Echo have gone to explore the world!

United States Kassandra Zamora says:

I wanna read more about Noah and Echo! Love them! Smile <3

Philippines Allen Grace says:

How about Abby and Logan together? I love to see more of them.

Probably Abby! She was pretty interesting in Crash Into You Smile

Turkey tugcenin kitapligi says:

Abby!!! Definitely her! Love your books!

Australia Kyla Cooper says:

I would love to know Echo's brother's story, or her mum's. That would be really interesting.

Or as people have said, Noah's brothers.

Philippines Mae Faller says:

I want more of Noah and Echo. <3 Pushing The Limits is my all time favorite book. ;) Best of luck for Crash Into You!

Lila and Lincoln for sure



hmm quite a few new hotties this time around. but I really would love to read logans story!

I'm really looking forward to reading Isaiah's story!!  I've loved all your books so far!  Thank you for the giveaway!!

It's a toss up between Chris and Lacy (they are super cute together) or Logan as I found him to be extremely amusing!

More of Noah and Echo!!!
Thanks for the giveaway Smile

I would love to see both Logan and Abby have their own books. Logan I have loved from the beginning, and I fell in love with Abby in Crash into You. I want to know more about her and see her find some happiness.

I just started reading Crash Into You and I really find Abby's character interesting. Maybe a book about her would be great. Or I could change my mind along the way and want a book for Ethan instead. Maybe both.

Can I add Logan to the list? Laughing

Excited for this book!

Isaiah! The more the better Laughing
Will always be my book boyfriend!
More Isaiah! More cars Laughing it all

United States Fallon Vaughn says:


United States Michele Piedrahita says:

I love these Matie McGarry Books!!! Can't Wait to read Take Me On!!!!!!!

Noah!!! Smile

I want more Isaiah, love this man! Smile

I want more Isaiah, love this man! Smile

I want more Isaiah, love this man! Smile

United States Zachary Flye says:

I'd really like to know more about Echo and Lila's other friend, I can't remember her name off the top of my head, the snotty one, I think she needs someone to help change her attitude.

I'll LOVE to see Logan have his own novel! There's just so much depth to him.

Philippines Maricris Patrimonio Dimla says:

I would love to read Ethan or Abby's!!

United States Misha Robinson says:

Happy Release Day!  So excited to read this one!

I absolutely adored Crash Into You when I read an ARC and cannot wait for book four. I'd love to see more Lila.

United States Amy @ bookgoonie says:

Abby needs her book.

Thanks for the series. My kids love Pushing the Limits. I just need to get the rest of the series on the shelf for them.

United States jamie Wadowsky says:

so excited..I've been waiting forever. Congrats and happy release day. Logan

Abby i totally love her!!!

Abby or Noah and Echo 2 Smile Thanks for the awesome giveaway Smile

Echo, most likely. Or maybe Beth?

Abby!!! Or Noah and Echo 2 Smile Thanks for the giveaway Smile

Canada Ashleigh Swerdfeger says:

Isaiah or Abby or Echo lol. Thanks for the giveaway!

Brazil Aline Azevedo says:

I can't wait for "Crash Into You" to be realised in Brazil! So excited to know more about Isaiah and Rachel! I think Noah and Echo should have a book 2, even more hot and intense! Tons of inspiration and sucess for you ;**

I still adore Noah. I would love to see something like a New Adult version of Pushing The Limits with Noah and Echo.

Do excited to read this book today is my last final so it time to start reading Smile

United States Jillian Van Leer says:

I would LOVE more Isaiah. But I'd love to read more about Logan!

I would love to see a more in-depth novel or Echo's best friend, Lila. I want to say thank you for the chance to this giveaway.

Now that Isaiah has his awesome book, I'd like Logan to have a book. So glad he was in CIY, but he should be in all the books. And Abby too. Or maybe them together Smile

I want to read about Ethan

United States Kayla Sanchez says:

Happy release day Katie! My first experience with your books was Crash Into You - and now I'm hooked! Isaiah and Rachel are perfect <3 And I love Noah and Echo too, even though I haven't read their story yet Laughing

This is an awesome giveaway! I absolutely love this series!

United States Sara @ Forever 17 Books says:

I would love a book for Abby and Logan! Love those two. Smile

I'm going with Abby.

United States Holly @ Holly's Reading Hollow says:

Thanks for the giveaway, Katie! I finally got the chance to read Dare You To about two weeks ago! I'm so happy I finally did because I loved it! And I cried when Echo and Noah appeared in it. I love them so much! Will you ever write a novella for Echo & Noah? I love them so much! Oh, I said that already, didn't I? Laughing I saw a comment above about this so I'm going to chime in too: I would love to see a full length novel on Lila & Lincoln too!

United States Ashley Hardee says:

Noah's brothers

United States Sophia Rose says:

Didn't Echo have two friends and only one got a novella?  I'd like to see that other friend get her story, but follow ups with previous main characters would make me happy too.

OH MY GOSH ... Book heaven ..... can not wait to get stuck into reading Crash Into You... EXCITED!!!! :-D

United States Jessica @ That Girl Reads says:

I can't say, I haven't read this series yet. Frown

United States maria hanrahan says:

I am reading Pushing the Limits right now and thoroughly enjoying it. Looking forward to reading more!

Thanks for the giveaway!! Noah or Isaiah. <3

United States Tiffany Fowler says:

The answer to the question: I would either like to see Logan from Dare You To have his own novel or Aries from Pushing the Limits to have his own novel. We only get to see flashbacks of Aries in Pushing the Limits but I would like to see him like before the war. I would like to get to know him more.

Indonesia florentine says:

NOAH !!!!

thanks for Giveaway

I love your books and I'm testing my chance with this! Even if I don't win then I'll be buying the hardcover set anyway!
Best of luck to all of us Smile

I would want to know Logan's story from Dare You To. He caught my interest as Ryan's friend. Smile

Noah! Smile  Love your books. Thanks for the chance to win a set!

United States Nick Madeckas says:

I would love to see a novel from Lacy's point of view. I absolutely loved her in Dare You To and think it would be so cool to be inside her head. Thanks for the contest!

United States Emily @ Falling For YA says:

Abby! She was awesome in Crash Into You and I want her to have a happy ending.


United States gabby amorelli says:

Lila and Lincoln. I would love for them to have their own longer book!!!

United States Heather Stone says:

I love your writing!  Thanx for the giveaway.

i just want more of Noha and Echo!!! =D cant get enough of them... <3 #TeamNoha <3

I think it would be Mrs. Collins (Which Rach said WILL BE THERE ^^).

I love Beth and she already has her book Smile
Still, Logan might be another great character I'd like to know more about.

Thanks for making the giveaway international!

United States Daphne Trumps says:

I am really looking forward to reading about Rachel's brother and I'm hoping the other brother gets a book as well.

Bulgaria Martina Koleva says:

I haven't read Crash Into You just yet but I'm about to and I'm really excited. I have waited so long for Isaiah's book. I can't think of anyone else that I want to read about though. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

I'd love the whole story to noah, not just the version in pushing the limits! give the boy his book

Thanks for the giveaway!

United States Jessica Griffith says:

unfortunately, i haven't gotten to read Dare You To or Crash Into You yet. But I really want to! I loved Pushing the Limits and I loved Noah and Echo. Smile

United States Taylor Knight says:

I think I'd pick Abby.

ahh im so excited for this books the cover looks amazing and I cant wait to read about Isaiah's sexy bod!

I can't tell you that because then I'd be the author and not the reader who really enjoys the series.  Knowing that I'll love the characters irregardless of who they are because Katie McGarry wrote them. is priceless.


Thanks for the giveaway! I am going to have to go with Logan. He is smart and loves to live on the edge.

I would love to revisit Echo and Noah. I feel like there could be a lot more to there story. Smile


Oooh.... awesome question....

After reading Crash Into You I was so excited to see West was getting his own book next. I would like to see Abby or Ethan get one too, even Rachel's brothers Jack and Gavin, even though they are a little older *wink*

Chile Maria Gracia says:

I would like to read about Noah and Jacob *-* your books are the best.

OMG best giveaway ever!!

I'd love to read more about Noah & Echo.

United States McKenzie Templeton says:

I want to see Isaiah have his own novel! I have absolutely fallen in love with everyone of the characters in yours novels, and I cannot wait to see what else you come up with Smile It would make my year -no- make my life if I won this signed series of yours! It's my favorite!!

Got my book Tuesday.  Can't wait to get reading.  Put all other books on hold to get this book read.  Will post comments and review when finished.  Love Katie's books and characters.  Keep it up Katie waiting for more.  Smile

United States Kayla DeGroote says:

I would love to see Logan, Abby, and Chris get their own books! Would love to read more about them!! I also would love to read a prequel of Pushing the Limits you could say. Like, it shows where everyone was and how they all ended up where we met them in Pushing the Limits Smile Anddd... I'd love more Noah and Echo!! They're my babies!! But honestly, any book you write and any character you make a story for I'd read it <3

Malaysia Lisa Farhana says:

I know they have their own novella but I'd love to see more of Lincoln and Lila Laughing

Congratulations on your release day Katie! And thanks for this chance to get a giveaway from you.

I would love to see Noah with his own novel!


Ethan - I think there's a story there.

I would love to read more about Echo and Noah!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Peru Patricia Cruz says:

Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!!
I love all your books but it's too difficult get them in my country.

(Thanks God for all my friends that live in others countries and buy all the books I want and send to me! XD That's love! )

Greetings from Perú!  

I would love to see Ethan, Abby, and Logan get stories. Rachel got a story and West will have a sotry so I think Ethan should also get a story. You can't leave Ethan hanging because Ethan, West, and Rachel are like a trio. Abby was an amazing addition to the story and I would like to see her find some happiness. It seemed like Abby liked Ethan and Logan so I'd be nice if she gets a story with one of them. Logan was a great addition to this story so I would like to find out more about him.

I really want to read a short story about Noah/Echo's road trip at the end of book one.

I'd be nice to get a little novella on Chris/Lacy. I wouldn't want a full length novel with them though because I don't want the boat to be rocked so to speak.

You keep creating such great characters that I just want to know more about them. I'd still love for the old characters to make some appearances in the new books.

I hope that Isaiah will be in a good amount of West's book. I woul like to see some bonding between some of Rachel's brothers and Isaiah

United States Jana Fowers says:

Love these books!!!

I have not started this series yet, so I cannot really tell you what character I want to have their own novel. But I want to read them really bad and I am just about to order the first book!

Canada Michelle S says:

everyones been telling me to read your books, and so far i have read only push the limits but let me say it was soo amazing, would lovee the chance to read your other books !!! such an amazing author Laughing

Canada Michelle S says:

** the character i would love to see get their own novel would be NOAH for sure, i loved him !! Smile ** sorry didnt included this in my original comment

Canada Jessie Wilson says:

Love the series I am reading Dare You To right now and loving it. :0)

Chile catalina torres says:

I'd love to read the whole story about Noah, and I'd love, even more, another book related to Noah and Echo.

I hope that West and Ethan get little character profiles?

I want to win, please luck, I need to win!!

United States Kiara Soleil says:


Denmark Kira Jeppesen says:

Finally a international give away!!
I really want to read this new one!
Ohhh i want to win

United States Shannon Watson says:

I would like to see Jocab have his own book

I love all the characters that already have a story, and if I had to choose another one, I would definitely go with Logan from Dare You To. I think his story would be very exciting and interesting after learning about his risk-taking personality while reading Ryan's story!  

I'd love to read about any of Rachel's brothers! Smile

United Kingdom Shannon Thomas says:


I have no idea, there are so many characters I love!! But I cannot wait to read Isaiah's story!!

United States Naomi Caridad says:

I want to read about Chris and Lacy in their own book. I want to see how they grow as a couple. Logan's comment of how they don't own the emotion of love made me wonder how they got to that point.

Canada brittany piazza says:

Any of them!

Which Pushing the Limits series character would I like to see have their own novel??

Hmmmm...this is a hard one...

ALL OF THEM!! Chris and Lacy, Aires, Logan, Abby, more Echo and Noah, definitely more Echo and Noah, Isaiah. Any of them. All of them. I'd love to see a novel for every single one of them. A sequel for Echo and Noah would be brilliant, though. And a book for Aires would be nice. We know how his story ends, but not what lead up to that. Also, we'd get to see Echo in the earlier stages of her life. That would be brilliant.

Portugal Teresa Brito says:

you know, Rafflecopter has better ways to work that stuff out...

nut yeah, tweeted here (yes, I'm @TehTeh25 the most annoying of your followers)

and you also know, I've asked you a million times, that I want a whole lotta Logan novel!!!

(by the way I'm off to read Logan's facts now...)


United States Liza @ Reading with ABC says:


Any of them!Smile
I know it would be great book like the others books Smile

United States Jessica C. says:

I can't answer that as I haven't been able to read the books yet :/
But I saw someone else in the comments mention someone named Noah, and I love the name Noah, so I'll go with that one Smile

Nora apple says:

Isaiah! Smile

Ethan Smile or Logan ...

Though I would love to see another one of Echo and Noah. Maybe x years into the future, after college, where are they, how have they been, how is the bond with Noahs brothers.

Though I would also love to more know about Aires...Echo was so invested in him, I think he would have been a great main character as well Smile

I definitely wouldn't mind reading more about Noah or Isaiah. Thanks for an amazing giveaway! Smile

Thanks for the Giveaway!! I would like a book about Noah´s brothers!

Sri Lanka Mishma @ As the page turns says:

Logan and Abby!I love them togetherSmile

I would love to see a book from Chris and Lacy's perspectives. I loved time un DYT! Thank you for this giveaway.

Philippines Kyreen dela Cerna says:

Thanks for the giveaway! Really hoping I will win *cross fingers* Laughing

Philippines Kyreen dela Cerna says:

I would like to have a novella of Noah's little brothers Laughing

I'd love for Abby to get her own book.

ABBY! Please please write her story! LOGAN && ABBY!!!!


United States Heidi Howard says:

I love your books! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

United States Jamie Smith says:

Cant wait to read it!

This is my first time hearing about this author.  Someone posted about the giveaway on a twitter, so I figured I'd check it out. Their book sounds very interesting!  Smile

United States Amoolya Paruchuri says:


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