August 20, 2013 at 11:41 AMKatie McGarry

Hi everyone!

PUSHING THE LIMITS needs your vote to make YALSA's Teens' Top Ten! Please vote by clicking here!

Also, I'm super excited to be giving away an ARC of Crash Into You (publication date: November 26th)! If you'd like a chance to win a copy of the ARC before the book goes on sale, please enter below! This contest is open internationally!

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Italy Marika Nespoli says:

I love pushing the I just need dare you to...I know I still didn't buy it and I'm wondering why...
You are amazing Katie McGarry!!!

Italy Marika Nespoli says:

I don't know...maybe something that has to do with Beth and Noah...or his family

United States Jennifer Shiels says:

I'm looking forward to reading Crash Into You. I loved Pushing the Limits and Dare You To.

I read the first two. Now I'm super excited and waiting for the 3rd to come. I've been waiting and dreaming about it since I found out it was about Isaiah Laughing

And I just voted for "Pushing The Limits: : - )

United States Miranda E. says:

Super excited to read Isaiah's story Smile

Can't wait for Isaiah's boook!!!!

United States Shannon D'Orsi says:

Hmmm I think his tattoos maybe have to do with Beth?

Isaiah is definitely going to have some car related tattoos I think since that's such a crucial part of his personality.

Thank you for the awesome giveaway Katie!!

Philippines Mae Faller says:

I'm most definitely sure Isaiah has some tatoo dragons in there Smile Voted for Pushing The Limits btw!

I loved all your books!! I can't wait to read Isaiah's story!

I don't know, I have no idea!

United States michelle New says:

Adore this series!

Since they run the length of his arms I'll go with tribal tattoos.

Philippines Ira Samonte says:

A phrase that is touching or means so much to Isaiah or tribal art I guess :>


His tattoos will tell his story, and I think they reveal his deepest needs. For love? Probably.

Really looking forward to this book!

I think he probably has a tribal!

United States Jennifer L says:

I think Isaiah would have a tattoo of a type of cross or something like that

Can't wait to read this one!

United States Lucille Palma says:

Something tribal or maybe a bird or something. Laughing I have no idea!

i am so excited to get my hands on this one. Loved the first two. Smile

i think he'll have these tribal tattoos or maybe something symbolic but rugged at the same time, Smile

Peru Ella Zegarra says:

I need this one!

Love these series, cannot wait for Crush Into Me^^

United States Casie Boland says:

Tattoos that reflect what he has been through

United States K. Johnson says:

I can not wait to read Isaiah's story. At 1st I was shocked when I saw Beth's story, but after reading Dare You To, it made perfect sense. I can not wait to discover who Isaiah's match will be.

I think Isaiah has tribals tattoos. Maybe also a little quote that refers to his past.

So excited for this book! I'm in love with Katie McGarry's writing. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

United States Naomi Caridad says:

I think the tattoo will be of one of his cars from childhood? Or something that has to do with his parents.

Indonesia eysa Kristanti says:

Hmm, I think it would be something about Beth, Noah, and his family. Maybe a name, like the name of the people who meant a lot to him? And maybe bible's passage? Lots of it Laughing

Probably something fierce like a tiger or dragon!

Philippines Tiffany B. says:

quote-y things, maybe?

Ooh, a copy of Crash into You. I loves Isaiah! Gimmeeee

Hot. I think he has hawt tattoos. Possibly tribal but more likely unique with a profound meaning. Possibly words. And hawt. Did I mention that?

Greece Helena Fili says:

Hm, I think something that reflext himself. Or maybe some tribal tattoos? I so can't wait to find out

Estonia Inga Kupp-Silberg says:

I think he has tribal tattoos.

United States Jen @cupcakegirly says:

Isaiah could have cupcake tattoos and make them look cool. ;)  

I really do not know what his tattoo could be! Maybe something with cars?  (:

I don't know......maybe something about family or being 'strong'.

United States Stefanie l johnsonFisher says:

I love this series. Katie Mcgarry keeps me captivated with each chapter in her books. My favorite so far is Dare you To and I cannot wait for Noah's story. You are awesome and thank you for the great books.

India Ankita Singhak says:

I don't know from where to start! Dare you to made me cry like a baby and filled my heart with love. And it also broke my heart for Isaiah but the teaser of 'Crash into you' was my undoing!! I can't wait. I absolutely can't and I did a happy dance when the crash into you cover came out.. see here how happy I was :

I hope I win.. I so want to read it badly!!

India Ankita Singhal says:

I don't know from where to start! Dare you to made me cry like a baby and filled my heart with love. And it also broke my heart for Isaiah but the teaser of 'Crash into you' was my undoing!! I can't wait. I absolutely can't and I did a happy dance when the crash into you cover came out.. see here how happy I was :
I hope I win.. I so want to read it badly!!
PS-- In My last same comment I wrote my second name wrong Laughing. Sorry Smile ^_^

I'm not to sure hey but I think his would look kinda like his personality - very edgy and screams BAD BOY like in 'Pushing The Limits' when he pushed out his chair to Luke.. something very intimidating.. very "STAY AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTER" kinda sexy tattoos.. maybe something celtic.. even sanscript Laughing

I think he is more likely to have symbols/tribal tattoos than something with words.  He seems like he would go for things more symbolic than obvious.

I guess we'll see soon! Smile

United States Alexandra H says:

No idea! Maybe related to Beth and Noah, his family, something that means a lot to him.

Thanks for the chance! I can't wait to read this! (:

Samantha R. says:

Maybe something about freedom??

United States Britney W says:

I picture his tattoos as thick black tribal tattoos. I think those are incredibly sexy. Smile

Oh gosh, I'm horrible at guessing games...tattoos in books typically refer to something of the character's past though, a reminder or a symbol of strength...that's as far as I'm going to go because I just don't know. lol. Thank you for this opportunity to win an ARC of Isaiah's book!

Thanks for the giveaway. Love your books

Canada Katherine Beaulieu says:

Probably something really sappy like a rose or something like his parent's names or perhaps a sibling.

United States Autumn Thibault AKA The Book Trollop says:

Can't wait!!!!

United States Zachary Flye says:

I feel like Isaiah has maybe some tribal tattoos or maybe something ferocious like a lion or dragon

Thanks for the giveaway!! I can't wait to read the book! I think the tattoos will have something to do with cars. maybe. ;)

Something tribal or some kind of reminder to remain strong.

Not sure!

Something maybe that looks innocuous but means something to him

I think Isaiah probably has various tattoos, but what kind of tattoos? I'm not sure, but in the cover it looks like he has tribal tattoos :3 And I'm sure they mean more to him than people think.

Brazil Alessandra Santos says:

I don't know, Maybe something about his past and his family or poetry!

Australia Adele Smith says:

I'm really looking forward to this! In love with all the characters.

Australia Adele Smith says:

Isaiah's tattoos are probably focussed around old cars. Something creative like an engine with elements that make it look like a heart, both being machines with grunt and of need of some tlc to keep them nurtured.....I can kind of visualize it, but not exactly describe it. Smile

United States Bethany Averie says:

It looks like my comment didn't go through.

Isaiah's tattoo? I'm not real sure. Maybe it was something about his family or Beth.

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