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Today, I'm excited to have the extremely talented Sarah Skilton guest posting on my blog. Sarah is generously giving away two signed hardback copies of BRUISED (US Only).


In her kind review of BRUISED, Kate Ormand said, “I'd recommend this title to fans of PUSHING THE LIMITS -- emotional, romantic.”


I was incredibly flattered by this comparison, because I loved PTL! Something BRUISED has in common with PUSHING THE LIMITS is a romantic relationship between two people who are damaged.


From the book jacket:


Imogen has always believed that her black belt in Tae Kwon Do made her stronger than everyone else--more responsible, more capable. But when she witnesses a holdup in a diner, she freezes. The gunman is shot and killed by the police. And it’s all her fault.


Now she’s got to rebuild her life without the talent that made her special and the beliefs that made her strong. If only she could prove herself in a fight--a real fight--she might be able to let go of the guilt and shock. She’s drawn to Ricky, another witness to the holdup, both romantically and because she believes he might be able to give her the fight she’s been waiting for.


But when it comes down to it, a fight won’t answer Imogen’s big questions: What does it really mean to be stronger than other people? Is there such a thing as a fair fight? And can someone who’s beaten and bruised fall in love?


For me, the biggest challenge of writing a romance between two people who are recovering from a traumatic incident was to make sure the relationship moved at the right pace. I also had to balance the amount of time spent on rehashing the holdup versus moving the characters forward.


I’m proud of the fact that in BRUISED, the girl teaches the boy how to fight, and the boy teaches the girl how to access her empathetic side. Imogen’s hard on other people, but she’s hardest on herself, and I wanted Ricky to point that out to her in a loving way that proves how much he cares for her. I hope I’ve succeeded!


If you adored Echo and Noah like I did, I hope you’ll take a chance on BRUISED. I’ve got two signed hardcovers to give away (U.S. only).


Thanks so much for having me at your blog, Katie, and congrats on DARE YOU TO’s upcoming release! I absolutely can’t wait to read it.

Bio: Sarah Skilton lives in California with her magician husband and their son. By day she works in the film and TV business. She is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, which came in handy when writing BRUISED. Her second young adult novel, HIGH AND DRY (Abrams/Amulet Books, Spring 2014), is about a high school soccer player who must solve a mystery while trying to win back the girl of his dreams.



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